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A little life update

Hello again!

Firstly, we definitely need to apologise for being totally absent for such a long time! When we set up this blog, our intention was to raise awareness for celiac disease and share our journey as a young couple, together with learn more about gluten free life ourselves. There are so many amazing people on social media who recommend, advise and share their own personal journeys. I have found it humbling to see the positivity of people who have faced challenges far greater than my own. 

(Oh the first person thing- I keep confusing myself with it but Matt is not celiac himself and would be the first to admit that writing is not his forte!) He leaves the blogging up to me and I certainly utilise his skills as a techie when my laptop just isn't cooperating or I'm generally being a total technophobe! I think he wishes he was with someone a little more adept with computers but I like to think my humour keeps him with me...

Anyway, he is truly fantastic and will usually eat e…